Events in May

The first fruit route is fully blooming! All of the trees seem to be weathering the drought and intense rainfall of the last two months and are looking healthy and some are in already in blossom.

Events as listed below taking place of Active Travel week and Environment Day. If you are a lark or an owl come and join us at dawn at the Day Break event where you will get the chance to experience the Fruit Route and the Campus in a very different way.  Meet 5am in the new orchard area next to the weather station and across the road from the front of the Pilkington Library – contact me for more details or if you aren’t sure where this is.

Im also running a stall at Edward Herbert Building on Campus all day on Wednesday 16th May  to talk to staff and students about the project so please drop by and say hello.


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  1. Ed Darby

    A cool bright morning greeted us at 5am on 18 May. Whilst we all took some quiet time to meditate on our surroundings and feelings we were serenaded by a Chaffinch and a less than operatic Green Woodpecker. I held a silent conversation with an inquisitive Robin, perhaps intrigued by a gathering of still humans or merely on the look out for potential providers of food. Later at the Shed we shared our thoughts. The paintings of those who had illustrated their thoughts, seemed, to me, to say more than words alone. Despite the intrusions of urban life, all within easy earshot, dawn is a special time of day and one to be treasured. Our morning gathering was no exception. Now we should explore the night.

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